Selected Testimonials – Charlotte

What the Children say, write, draw….

Ms. Charlotte and Dr. Benjamin are always supportive and encouraging. They make sure that I am not overworked, ask me how I am doing from time to time, and ask me how they can help. They are very approachable and easy to talk to openly. People you can trust, I’d say.
—G8 student

Feedback from courses & workshops

A fabulous and informative course, really well delivered!

Really enjoyed the course. Delivered in a ‘common sense’ way.

Charlotte knows her stuff! Great resources to take home!

Thank you I have learned a lot and shall be putting it into practice.

Glad I came on this course, made literacy easier to understand.

Excellent and focused delivery. For the amount being covered the pace was ideal. Friendly, unfretting approach. Loved it and I’m going to address my skills.

Thanks to Charlotte for a very informative day.

School to School Consultancy

I was just emailing to let you know…I was observed in History and in Numeracy, where I was graded a good for history and an outstanding for Numeracy! I just wanted to let you know as I really couldn’t have achieved that without your support earlier this year, I took a lot of your advice on…So thank you very much for all your support! Year 6 teacher

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and support that Charlotte has been able to offer me. I have acted upon advice given and have personally seen an improvement in my own confidence and role within the lesson… I feel that Charlotte has aided and guided me to activities that will help me in moving the children’s learning on, in addition to having a greater understanding of what makes a successful classroom now. Year 6 teacher

I have developed many different ideas and strategies to implement in the classroom. I have developed my A4L strategies and how to show the progress in lessons through a range of assessment opportunities. I have learned how to involve all children through movement and a greater use of talk time within lessons. I feel that I have developed the skill to empower children by ’stepping back’ and allowing them to work things out on their own and to take charge of their own learning. Also, I realise that at some point in every lesson there should be an exciting moment to try to keep everyone alert in learning. I have realised that if the level of work is of a sufficient challenge then it allows all children to work interdependently…I have enjoyed the past few weeks and gained a lot of ideas that I have put into my teaching. It has been good bounce ideas with another teacher. Year 6 teacher

The targets identified are clear and concise and will no doubt improve standards for the pupils. It is great to see the progress already made towards the targets through the support given by Charlotte. The support and guidance provided by Charlotte will also have a wider impact on pupils at XXX when XXX shares this outstanding practice with others. Deputy Headteacher.

Leadership and Management

Thank you for all of your support this year! I appreciate all of those times you were available to talk and offer advice. You are kind, positive and really knowledgeable in this field and it was truly a pleasure working with you. English Language Learning Teacher.

Charlotte, you have always been helpful and supportive to me this year. I wanna to thank you for the endless hours of encouragement, advice, inspiration and motivation. It was an honour working with you this year. I look forward to learning more and more from you. Grade 2 Associate Teacher

Thank you for your continued support over the past year. Your positive attitude, patience and dedication are particularly admirable in the face of all the unique challenges we faced this year. This was quite an exciting place to start my teaching career, and I know I would not have made it through without your guidance and advice. Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

Dear Charlotte, I want to thank you for being such a fantastic leader. Your open door approach is of great support as well as your constructive feedback. You are super organised and always follow through with matters that have been discussed at our meetings. Looking forward to the year ahead. PSPE Teacher

Charlotte, thank you for your support during the year. Your genuine care and positive demeanor made a difference, especially when things were looking bleak. Due to your organisation and time management, it encouraged organisation and time management in others as well. Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on, and unfortunately, sometimes vent to as well (I apologise if I was rude or spoke too aggressively at any time!). I hope to continue working with you, and learn from your expertise. Pre-K Homeroom Teacher.

Charlotte is an incredible asset to the academic team. Her most notable attributes is her ability to unpack complicated situations and make them simple for everyone to understand. She is a capable and accomplished leader! Middle School, English Language Learning Teacher.

Thank you for your support, patience, and being an inspiration during this year. Islamic Studies Teacher.

Charlotte, thank you so much for your guidance and always staying positive with a sense of humour! Your easy-going and open approach make you a strong and firm leader. You are a pleasure to work with. Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher.

Charlotte, Thank you for your continuous support! I admire your leadership skills, patience and dedication to your on! You have been such an outstanding role model to all staff members! English Language Learning Teacher

Thank you for your continued positive approach and support (even during times of challenge) greatly appreciated your leadership and guidance this year. Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher.

Charlotte, I am deeply grateful for the support, mentorship, and leadership you’ve provided me since I’ve arrived. You’re a remarkably knowledgeable, natural leader. We always know you’ll have our back when things get stressful or need an ear. Your vision for your team is something I can proudly stand behind and support. I look forward to continue thriving in the positive professional environment that you work hard to cultivate amongst us. Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher

Dear Charlotte, I appreciate all the support and help you gave me this year. You were always available to talk to and helped me find a solution to every issue. It made my day many times when you just popped into the library and came to ask how are you and to share travel or weekend experiences. You give a lot of positive energy to people around you. Computational Thinking Teacher.

Charlotte, you leadership throughout Misk campus is positive and always calming. The ship is being steered in the right directions thanks to your leadership. Head of Co-curricular

I have enjoyed working with Charlotte this year as my academic coordinator, she has shown me how to be supportive to all staff members with different perspectives and how to articulate an idea, plans and clarifications in a professional sensitive way. Thank you for this Charlotte. Associate Teacher.

Charlotte, thank you for always being so enthusiastic about supporting all of our initiatives. Your confidence, compassion and knowledge have brought a solid feeling of leadership to the primary team. Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher.