Charlotte Hankin, FRSA

Charlotte is a born and bred “Brummie,” the colloquial name for a person who originates from Birmingham, right in the heart of the United Kingdom. Charlotte has spent most of her life in the UK but in the last few years, she has been living and working abroad in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and currently Thailand.

Charlotte is co-founder of Coconut Thinking and an international educator with over twenty two years’ experience in a variety of roles including teacher, leader, school-to-school consultant and education policy advisor for the UK government, working in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Currently, Charlotte is a homeroom teacher of mixed-aged students, relishing the creativity, technology and collaboration that this community of learners bring. Working at the nexus of theory and practice, Charlotte is also pursuing her PhD in Education with Bath University, exploring how schools frame children’s relationships with nature and the natural world.

Charlotte is originally from the UK where she spent twelve years working in economically disadvantaged communities, developing specialisms for Literacy, academically advanced learners and professional development. As a consultant, Charlotte worked across the region to support teachers, leadership teams and whole schools to design curricular, assessment tools and deliver professional development programmes. From there, she was invited to set up the first-of-its-kind Literacy programme in Hong Kong, aimed at challenging the critical thinking skills of academically advanced students through books and film. Charlotte later set up and established an innovative learning extension department at The Harbour School, a ‘21st century learning school of the year’ finalist, where enrichment and extension experiences were planned with individual, asynchronous learners from K-12. Charlotte moved to Saudi Arabia as the Head of Misk Schools for Girls, one of the most prestigious and innovative schools in the world, to develop an authentic curriculum that nurtures the curiosity, imagination and critical thinking skills of the next generation of Saudi leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs and world citizens. At the British Embassy, Riyadh, Charlotte became the Education Policy Advisor for the UK government, developing political and economic relationships between the two countries and supporting the educational standards of Saudi citizens.

Through these life experiences, Charlotte recognises the intrinsic, intuitive force within us all that connects to the natural world, believing that educational ecosystems should design closer observation of these relationships to leverage our collective capacities to not just sustain, but regenerate life.

Charlotte is a trained coach, mentor and facilitator whose most favoured school role is working 1:1 with teachers in their classrooms to develop personalised aspects of their practice.