Hackathons, Contests, & Challenges

(re)School Sprint 2022

Charlotte, Maggie Favretti, and Benjamin participated in the innovationhub.school (re)School Sprint 2022. We created this video in 2 days, collaborating 11 time zones apart. We wanted to do something different: no slides, no voices, no statements. Just questions in order for the audience to generate their own responses. No more filling buckets; everyone finds their own meaning in the experience. (Or doesn’t… “evolve it or leave it behind.”) Wonder. What if learning was about the quality of the questions we posed, not the answers we give someone else? What if we valued the natural world above all else?

Winning Hackathon entry at [Re-]Learn

The Incubator is an early concept of (the high school component of) a K-12 through school. It will nourish the spirit of creativity and curiosity to develop (social) entrepreneurialism. I submitted this for the [Re]Learn Festival 2020 Hackathon. The challenge was to design a significant change for schools to meet the needs of the future. I received first place for most innovative storyline and came in 2nd in three other categories.

Design Challenge

I was given a design challenge: Imagine you have noticed a small group of students who have shown an interest in Thai amulets. How would you approach this learning connection? This was any response, which hopefully shows my way of thinking and designing.

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