Selected Conferences, Speaking Engagements, & Workshops

Oct 2022: The WISR Framework (Introductory Workshop)

This was a workshop we held to introduce the WISR model. It was interactive and we pushed ourselves to try new things, post-humanist creations that regard and respond to the assemblage. But don’t let that dissuade you! It was fun, and we hope, accessible.

May 2022: Avenade ’22 School of Innovation

I spoke about the Futures of Learning: What they mean to your people as part of this annual Avenade (Accenture + Microsoft venture) summit. Specifically, they wanted me to explore “immersive learning” as it relates to the Metaverse.

March 2022: World Education Summit

Portfolios of Contribution: Learning as Action for a Better World: What if we created portfolios showcasing not what we have done, but how we have contributed to others and the world? Instead of focusing on what we know, what if we shifted the emphasis on how we have made a difference to the world? What if we told the stories of how our learning, thinking, and actions have made the world a better place? Measuring contribution (impact) is the final step in assessment because it takes into account the effects of the application of our knowledge and skills, giving our thinking and actions purpose and connecting us to the outside (and ourselves).

March 2022: World Education Summit

This is the first of two conference presentations I did with Joanne McEachen. I led this session and she led the previous.
Contrubutive Learning: The Link Between Success and Well-Being: We experience the greatest sense of meaning and fulfilment when we’re able to contribute to people’s lives and the world. We contribute to the greatest extent when we know who we are, feel connected, and pair knowledge with competency. When schools integrate academic and social-emotional learning, students learn how to add to the world in their way—and there’s no other way to success and well-being. Join Joanne to explore how you and your learners can contribute to people, planet and prosperity.

March 2022: World Education Summit

This is the first of two conference presentations I did with Joanne McEachen. She led this session and I led the following.
What if we had a curriculum of kindness? We face a confluence of crises across the world: climate disruption, economic rifts, and tense social relations. What if we re-wrote the narrative of school and made it a space built on a curriculum of kindness. When we apply our skills and knowledge for good. Through kindness we create value for our learning by considering its impact on others and the world. It is this impact of kindness that makes ripples, through our interconnectedness. This is contribution. What if we put learning to the service of kindness, valuing how we contribute to others and the world over all else?

March 2022: IntrepidEd+ Conference

I was interviewed by Sanje Ratnavale, Founder of OESIS Networks about what it would mean if we designed learner portfolios that showcased contributions to the community, bringing in the the voices of those who have benefited from these actions. This shift looks to tell the story about how we think and act for a thriving ecosystem, understanding our interconnectedness with the world.

Panel Discussion: Future of Education at the Eduvation Summit 2021

I was a panelist at the closing event of the EduVation Summit 2021, which is one of the biggest educational conferences in Egypt and the MENA region. For the past 5 years, it’s been gathering education stakeholders (educators, learners, parents, school leaders, edtech companies, policy makers, etc.) from around Egypt and the Middle East to encourage and facilitate collaboration and innovation in Education. Over 10 thousands education enthusiasts took part in our previous editions.

Firestarter Presentation

This was my Firestarter Presentation on 10 November 2020 as part of the [Re]Learn Festival 2020 on Impact as the next step in authentic assessment, looking at Net Promoter Scores as a means to complement qualitative data with quantitive measures that foster learning and re-iteration. Impact on the user creates the purpose for, catalyst toward, and outcomes of learning in itself and is the best way to ensure our projects, products, and ideas remains human- and earth-centric. How we create impact on the self, others, and the world is how we should re-think what was we do.

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