Podcast Guest Appearances

Here are the podcast episodes on which I was invited as a guest. These podcast series have a wide range of guests and I try to bring in a fresh perspective to the conversation.

April 2023: Flourishing Education Podcast—What if Nature had a seat on school governance boards?

What would happen if we humans slowed down and started looking at our relationships – with ourselves, others and most importantly our planet?

What if nature had a seat on our boards?

These are two of the questions (among many others), I asked the wonderful Charlotte Hankin, FRSA and Benjamin Freud, Ph.D., FRSA whom I invited for another imperfectly perfect conversation on the Flourishing Education podcast.

They shared their new initiative in collaboration with Michelle Blanchet and Andy Middleton.

Every time I [Fabienne] spend time with Charlotte and Benjamin, i always feel inspired and energised.

Thank you both for sharing with me.
I love your work because it gives me so much hope. 🙏🌺🌱

August 2022: Flourishing Education Podcast—The WISR Conceptual Framework: How to question the power dynamics that are all around us

I [Fabienne] absolutely love the work that Charlotte and Benjamin are doing with Coconut Thinking to disrupt the way we educate and parent our children and young people in order to help individuals and organizations create, develop, stress test, and implement their ideas for sustainability and regenerative design.

I wanted to talk to them in particular about their WISR conceptual framework developed with Louka Parry, Education Futurist for the purpose spreading “awareness and action” on Regeneration.

May 2022: Flourishing Education Podcast—How do we bring about change in education for all to flourish?

Benjamin explains that revolutions by definitions don’t happen at the core, because the system doesn’t want to kill itself. So the revolutions have been on the fringe. He explains the mechanistic versus the living systems approach and how they determine how approach to nature.
We are not beings, we are becomings.
A fascinating conversation about how we can bring about change and what we can do from an individual perspective so ALL can flourish.

April 2022: Getting Smart Podcast—Regenerative learning and rediscovering our relationship to all living systems

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast Nate McClennen is joined by and , authors, consultants and advocates for the environment, for people and for a more sustainable future. At Getting Smart, we are thinking a lot about – sustainable and equitable and inclusive future.

March 2022: MindShare EdTechTV recorded podcast with Dr Benjamin Freud, Co-Founder Coconut Thinking

I spoke with Robert Martellacci, Founder of the Mindshare Report. We talked about a curriculum of kindness, how anything less than a systems change would lead to a post-pandemic snap back, and how problem-solutions mindsets won’t get us to where we need to be.

Jan 2022: Podcast: O.R.B.I.T.I.S. Consulting – Student-Centered Learning: Deeper and Beyond

This is an open talk that features Benjamin Freud, Ph.D., the educator who advocates more questions than answers, in a mutual exchange with the host about how skills taught in class remain limited, how curricula and assessment can be redesigned to meet our multidisciplinary real-world needs, and how those needs are far beyond students. Benjamin explains that bio-centrism is our only way towards a better and more equitable future. The episode is a double call to action from Benjamin Freud and the host as they both emphasize the role of a “possible” change mindset, self-paced schools, and qualitative methods in building bridges and making impact. 

Dec 2021: Podcast: Rebel Educator – Bio-collective Goals and the Importance of Kindness, with Benjamin Freud, Ph.D

It was a real pleasure to speak with Tanya Sheckley from UP Academy, Inc. We discussed many issues including going beyond the Sustainable Development Goals, the need to recognize our place within the bio-collective, and the importance of thinking beyond the mechanistic frameworks of cause and effect.  All this around the idea that we can have a curriculum of kindness. 

Sept 2021: Podcast: Learning Futures – Malleable Learning and the Dissolution of Barriers with Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.

How comfortable are you with not knowing, how often do you change your mind? How do cultures of personalised learning arise? What happens when the boundaries of disciplines dissolve, replaced with meaningful projects that can have an impact on themselves, others, and the world?